In this series, director Gerlinde Böhm journeys into the lives of families from all corners of the globe. As family members are asked to reveal their most treasured possessions, their responses provide a brilliant insight into life in richly diverse countries.

Based around the material items which mean most to them, the rich and the poor tell their stories, talk of their reality and dreams, their hopes and fears. From a polygamist Mali farmer to a small town fishing family in Greenland, a Brazilian washer woman and her extended family to an Indian village in Guatemala, WORLDLY POSSESSIONS cuts to the very heart of life as others lead it.

Accompanying each family from dawn to dusk, each film reinforces the diversity and similarity of daily life across the world.

“Kyrgyzstan”, “Greenland”, “Brazil”, “Mali”, “Guatemala”, “Hong Kong”, “Uganda”, “Samoa”, “Haiti”, “Cambodia”, “USA”, “Botswana”, “Bulgaria”, “Oman”, “India”, “Chile”, “Portugal”, “Madagascar”, “Papua New Guinea”, “Morocco”, “Russia”

Director: Gerlinde Böhm
Production: Gerlinde Böhm Filmproduktion in co-production with ZDF, in association with ARTE

Nominated for Grimme Award 2003
Nominated for Grimme Award 2004

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