What is life like in a place where water boils at 80 degrees and everything takes twice as long to cook?; where hardly anything grows and even the hay – winter fodder for cows and sheep, which form the sole basis of life at this altitude – has to be gathered some thousand meters below?

This series seeks to portray the world‘s biggest places, villages, settlements and their inhabitants in their daily struggle to survive. It aims to give the viewer an impression of everyday life as well as showing examples of special events such as a typical village fete.

Germany–Italy / 2010 / 5 x 43′, 5 x 52′

Director:Titus Faschina, Reinhard Kungel, Andreas Pichler, Stelios Apostolopoulos, Carmen Butta and Anuschka Seifert.

In co-production with Stefilm and ZDF in association with Arte.

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