HARBOURS – Gateways to the World New York. Shanghai. Hamburg. Dubai. Vladivostok

A five-part series on itchy feet and untold dreams, high-tech cranes and homesick nights, tedium and sailor’s brides. This series is a portrait of the legendary and extraordinary ports of the world: New York, Vladivostok, Shanghai, Hamburg and Dubai.
We discover their self-sufficient microcosm by accompanying people who have business there. Each and every one of them had a very personal reason for coming to the port. And everyone followed the myth of yearnings and adventure.

Director: Ilka Franzmann, Sophie Kill, Katja Esson, Elke Windisch
Production: ma.ja.de. filmproduktion in co-production with RBB, NDR, MDR, in association with ARTE and YLE Teema

Germany 2005-2006 Length 5×52/5×30 min

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