Going to the local market when we visit a foreign city is something we all love to do. In Barcelona more people visit La Boqueria food market in one day than all the city’s art museums put together. Markets attract us for their colours, liveliness, smells, people, sounds and taste. The great diversity of people and products that can be found in a market gives an idea of richness and stimulates our five senses. Contact with food in a market triggers our taste buds. Through the market we can meet the producers and appreciate the freshly harvested products. We understand what is in season and what the region can offer. Budapest, Vienna, Torino, Lyon and Barcelona all have a bustling central food market. In the Belly of the City explores these markets, their products, their people.

An enchanting city, Barcelona is brimming with inspirations left by the greatest of artists; Miro’ Gaudi and Picasso. But this charming city has another jewel in its crown – La Boqueria food market, one of the world’s most renowned markets. From a food fan’s perspective this is the cities’ most enthralling attraction. Take a journey through the senses with our lively characters and uncover their gastronomic secrets. In a country where la tortilla is king, meet the farmer with 125,000 hens, unveil the region’s most precious pastry sold every morning at the market and explore the most valued prawns in Europe.

At Europe’s biggest open air market there is a world to discover! With its 1000 stalls, Torino’s Porta Palazzo is a reverberating hub full of colours and people. Our journey takes us from the region’s finest cherry trees that become the city’s tastiest gelato to the region’s most friendly geese and their eggs. We’ll explore the winter’s best artichokes, the region’s most renowned homemade ricotta and meet a local chef who’s made whipping up seasonal delights his speciality. If you start to lick the screen don’t panic…

A natural haven of tasty delights and local delicacies, the Croix Rousse is Lyon’s market gem. Surrounded by Cote du Rhone vineyards, mountain pastures and fruity hills in Ardeche, Lyon guarantees the market has an abundance of quality foods for sale. Gastronomy is this city’s business card and every market in town has a particularity. The Croix Rousse specializes in its supply of rich local products and weekly organic market. From goat farms where the region’s most delicious cheeses are contrived to bakeries that produce only organic bread. This episode comes with a warning, be prepared to get very hungry strolling the kilometer long market!

The largest indoor market in Budapest is also the most elegant in Europe! Spanning over three levels, the impressive building that holds the central food market is long recognized as a marvel. Wander the stalls and be blown away by the wealth of products on display. Whether it be the freshest fish (some are still displayed alive!), the richest goose liver or the sweetest paprika that you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to be impressed. And if the first two levels haven’t curved your curiosity, the basement of the market surely will: it houses the very best pickled cabbage you can imagine!

Lying in the culinary heart of Vienna like an island, a little world of treats rises in the midst: the Naschmarkt food market. Here you can find a colorful crowd blended in with the greenest fresh picked turnips and the worlds best vinegars. A throng of buyers and curious onlookers meander through 800 metres of narrow alleys laden with stalls, all consumed by the scent of spices, distracted by the smell of sausage and stunned by the diversity of pumpkins, tubers, foliage and fruit on display. Here everyone can enjoy the finest Austrian white wines and culinary specialities on offer at the different restaurants, confirming the Naschmarkt as Vienna’s most trendy belly.

taly / Austria / Hungary / Spain / 2013 / 5 x 52′ 5 x 43′
Production Stefilm, Golden Girls Filmproduktion, Laokoon Films, Media 3.14
in coproduction with ZDF
in collaboration with ARTE, RAI5, MTVA, TV3 Catalunya, RSI,
Fernsehfonds Austria, Filmfonds Wien

world sales: ARTE FRANCE
Distribution in Italy: Stefilm International s.r.l

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