Coffee. It’s is the plant, the green beans, the fruit, the drink, the place you’re drinking it. One word, so many things. Meet the coffee hunter, the coffee researcher, the coffee trader and one of the world’s finest coffee ambassadors. They will lead us into an unexpected and fascinating world.

“What else?” the signature phrase tossed off by George Clooney, the icon of a new tribe, has travelled around the world, just like those colourful little capsules. But who knew that the story begins in the wild forests of Africa where coffee has been growing in Ethiopia since the 7th century!

Cut to today and witness the coffee producers whose lives are influenced by the commodity prices fixed by the stock exchanges in Chicago and London. Certainly no other drink has been able to adapt to so many different customs. In Italy it’s the small shot that with its intense and creamy taste will only demand a few seconds standing at the bar. In Turkey, Greece, Brazil and Africa it’s the welcome ritual to be drunk slowly and ceaselessly. And in the New World coffee has been brought and revamped by the big American brand which now has over 16.000 outlets in 40 different countries. Bringing new social habits they’ve invented a distinct anglo-italian coffee vocab turning coffee into a sort of religion.

A film matching its subject: good, strong and hot…

Italy-France / 2010 / 52 min.
Director: Stefano Tealdi

In association with: FRANCE TELEVISIONS / PLANETE / RTBF/ TV5MONDE / YLE / DBS Satellite

With the support of: Piemonte Doc Film Fund, Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia and Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission, Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée.

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